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Our Mission

We are all about the white lioness, who from now on will also be your patron saint for reborn joy, lightness and curiosity. Those who put themselves in our hands will receive the admission ticket to eventful events designed with love and commitment.


First class events.

With our name “Golden Door” we make a promise. With the color we chose for us too. Violet is the color of the emperors, the special. We also stand for first-class, special events. We want perfection. We want to create moments that will never be forgotten. Just as a lioness takes care of everyone in her family, we take care of your event. We guide you, we take the stress out of you and put the preparations for your event under the star of joy and ease.


Until dawn.

Just forget the time. Whether we dance until the clouds are purple again or get goosebumps for Purple Rain . We want to create a perfect event for you, where joy and the ease of being serve as a guide.

Can you remember the feeling when you go home from an indescribable evening? It is slowly getting light again, the sunrise can already be guessed.

And you don’t even know where the time has gone. Just as you stand devoutly before the beauty of the dawning day, you will always remember the evening as something special. If we did that, then we did a good job.