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Aftershow-Party Hope Gala

Legendary, exuberant and completely relaxed - the after-show party of the HOPE Gala enjoys cult status.


Aftershow-Party Hope Gala

After the official gala evening at the Schauspielhaus, Michaela Gornickel from PAR.X Marketing & Event invited to the aftershow party at the Erlwein Capitol. 300 guests, sponsors, employees and artists ended the evening in a family atmosphere until the wee hours. Various live bands and well-known DJs provided musical entertainment and an exuberant party atmosphere. Not least because of this, the dance floor was full to the end and left the guests with a free & easy feeling of the extra class.

The catering was a varied mix of different service providers. Among other things, the popular "Burgermeister Dresden" provided a tasteful change.

It is very impressive to see how many people with a common goal can actively change something. Supporting the Hope Gala is a matter of the heart for Golden Door GmbH. She is happy to provide her exclusive location, the Erlwein Capitol in the Ostra area Dresden for the after-show party of the Hope Gala.

However, respect is due to the initiators, supporters and all those involved in the HOPE gala who, with solidarity, support, trust, competence and above all love, are able to give the project the exact name that it embodies - hope and belief in the future ,