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Sugarbags Fest

Let your children start school again. You not only save money, but also nerves. And most importantly, your children will be excited and happy. Mutzelhaus, the organizer of the sugar cone festival, has many years of experience with children and turns their early school days into an unforgettable experience.


Sugarbags Fest

For three years, the popular Mutzelhaus family cafe organized the gigantic sugar bag festival with guaranteed fun for children in the Ostra area. In addition to the decorated sugar cone trees, there were numerous attractions for children both indoors and outdoors on the location. Whether bouncy castle or penguin playground, toboggan paradise, fairy tale tent or adventure land - here, the former kindergarten children were once again able to exhaust everything that constitutes childhood. Uninhibited play and romp was the order of the day. There were also great bands on the Mutzelbühne, with a legendary children's disco for dancing and the classic face painting, where kids were brushed with all sorts of imaginative creatures and sailors. They were then able to board the pirate boat floating on the lake, which was the perfect backdrop for personal souvenir photos. The motto 2018: “AHOI! We board the first class! ”Filled the boys and girls with childish pride. So the grown-ups had the good feeling of celebrating a party in their favor.

The adult guests were also catered for. On the meadows and the lake terrace there were oases of calm for relaxing and chatting. In addition to enjoying a wide range of catering options, parents, friends and family members were able to follow their children on the spacious but easily accessible areas and share in their fun. The stage program offered varied entertainment and thus created a special atmosphere.

For 2019, the Mutzelhaus is organizing another gigantic sugar bag festival for school beginners. And this time in a double version. There will be two parties in parallel on August 17th. give. A bizarre, fantastic variant in Cart Blanche and a classic festive in the tried and tested way in Marcolini. You can choose the atmosphere in which you want to celebrate according to your taste. Both parties will maintain the successful concept of the past few years. Above all, the basic idea is pursued further: to spare the parents the difficult balancing act between the celebration needs of the older guests and the young school starters. The Mutzelhaus sugar bag festival is supposed to be an affordable all-round well-being package for all generations, because after all, the start of school is a family festival firmly anchored in our culture.