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The show must go on! Or is it sport? Wrestling has definitely found a multimedia show stage in the Eventwerk.


wXw Wrestling

In April 2018, the Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) hosted a spectacle unusual for Dresden at the Eventwerk. In the course of the "WE LOVE WRESTLING TOUR 2018", the world champion Ilja Dragunov, who grew up in Dresden, took a stand-up with over twenty wrestlers from three continents in the specially constructed ring of the event factory. The winner of Europe's most important wrestling tournament, the Unified World Wrestling Championship, and at the same time the winner of the wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournaments animated 600 fans to come to the sold-out location. In addition to the driving and fascinating sports show of the actors themselves, the professional technology of the house with a large video screen and worldwide broadcast via the in-house streaming service and in several languages ​​pulled out all the stops. An important point, since the camera recordings of the so-called money spots - special elements and acts of the choreographed fights - contribute a significant share to the fame and market value of the wrestlers.

Thus Ilja Dragunov not only received a worthy home game, but also high attention in social networks. For example, from Kevin Owens, a current WrestleMania participant, the video shot here was shared by Dragunov's frenetically acclaimed appearance and was quickly disseminated in the international wrestling scene. Thus, the Eventwerk once again demonstrated its diversity as an event location and will certainly continue to be available for extraordinary acts in the city's entertainment calendar in the future.