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XS Carnight Classics

Elaborately painted steel, shiny engines and individual tuning on four wheels exude a touch of mobile freedom - the XS Carnight Classic is in town!


XS Carnight Classics

The spacious grounds of the Ostra area give the remarkable, sometimes crazy, but definitely extraordinary exhibits of classic automobile construction a perfect space. At the XS Carnight Classic, the classics of the automotive industry can be ideally presented to thousands of visitors inside and outside. Lovers of all classic car models will find the attention for their four-wheeled friends who have been spruced up for this event by months of repairs, painting and tuning. An old Porsche 211, the Mercedes series 107 and 116, old lovingly cared for Opel Kadetts, the still unbeatably popular VW bus generations and many other iconic examples of automobile construction - everything that belongs to the "old iron on four wheels" and always still shines, can be found and marveled at here. Finally, frankly talking shop, unreserved enthusiasm and for exhibition without limits is allowed.

And in an ambience where all the needs of 10,000 visitors and 700 exhibitors are available close and easy. In addition to the logistical requirements such as sanitary facilities, food, space and connections, the open-air area of ​​the Ostra area also offers an incredible atmosphere, which shines especially in the evening with sophisticated illumination. The lake, the paths, the charm of the surrounding industrial architecture, which for the most part originates from the same decades as the automobiles themselves, round off the XS Carnight Classic experience. It is not for nothing that Andreas Füllborn holds this event every year right here in the Ostra area.