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Melly's Party

Sometimes good comes back and is much better. The legendary Dresden Melly's party club has a regular revival in the event factory.


Melly's Party

For years, “Melly's” on Lingnerstraße in the middle of Pirnaischer Platz was the top party club in the city of Dresden. Thousands of revelers and dance mice went there to turn the night into day. It was over ten years ago. But not forever!

Since 2014, a tribute to Melly's has been taking place in the Eventwerk once a year. A revival party of a special kind. The well-known floors "Babylon", "Havanna" and "Club" rise again, the music genres of techno, house, trance, pop and pop boom again out of the boxes, the turntables are warming up, the disco balls throw light spots in a thousand colors on the walls - it is not possible to stand still. Acts such as Sylver, Brooklyn Bounce, Groove Coverage, Special D and many more have provided the long missing intoxicating atmosphere in recent years. The night activity increases, the bodies are drawn rhythmically to the dance floors and what is heard at that time is played: old hymns like Moonlight Shadow and Poison as well as dance charts from STARSPLASH and Co.

In 2018, a veteran of the 90s could be recruited again: DJ Novus was on the event poster. Conclusion: the Melly's Party in the Eventwerk has achieved cult status.